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Awesome new GTA Online Machinima Movies coming out from AbsolutePab.  This is one of the top contendors for 2018 Rockstar Editor GTA V Online Movie Machinima making.

The Cold & The Dead is a new machinima project from AbsolutePab, the guy behind some of our favourite Rockstar Editor movies to date; Los Santos Vice and The Discriminating Visitor of Los Santos.

Episode 1, Aftermath, is a longer take than previous flicks, using GTA 5 on PC, the Rockstar Editor and numerous mods to create a brooding and brutal post-apocalyptic story – the opposite of Los Santos’ often sickly dayglo pop-culture overdose.

“The Cold & The Dead gives me the opportunity to work with an apocalyptic environment but also the freedom to move back and forth through time,” says Pab using the Rockstar Editor GTA V Online Movie Machinima tool.

“I always thought an alternative to the consumerism of GTA V Online Movie Machinima would have made an interesting DLC for story mode.”

Check out the full movie above and it goes without saying you should subscribe to Pabs’ channel on YouTube for future updates.

Screenshots below to highlight some of the cinematography in The Cold & The Dead.